i got into kli level 2 and i already know a couple people in my class so i’m kind of excited! someone told me i could get into level 3 but i’m glad i didn’t bc i don’t want my class to be too hard esp since it’s intensive, 2 hours a day lmao

emmaus large group tonight after korean class then dinner and good times! so excited to meet more new people and be in His presence with them :) 

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update: over orientation, over the people in my program give or take a few and completely ready to start class and make actual friends

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Hahahahaa probably too good? Like actually though do you have international texting or some kind of fun time app because i feel like i actually would v much like to communicate w you?

haha likewise?! i use an app called kakaotalk for texting! my id on there is berryzk 

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YESSSSS get it

;))) how was your summer? 

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notoriouslyfunky said: 

omg @ ur life rn!!!

haha i know! it was wild, i can’t wait to go again. i wasn’t sure i’d get the hype around the nightlife here but i definitely do now

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I went clubbing at nb2 in hongdae last night and it was amazing?? we got there a little after 10, hung out for a couple songs, then went to this bar with unlimited cocktails. I wanted to get pretty drunk (bc social anxiety) so I did lmao.

I kissed a few boys (I want to kiss all the boys!!!!) but I wish I got to kiss the last guy I danced with, he had such pretty hands and was really respectful.

anyway I can’t talk about any of this on my actual blog so I’ll just do it here lmfao

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sooo guess who’s in seoul?! it’s so beautiful here, I’m already in love.