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life update: i’m a 2pm stan now

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I feel like I belong here. I feel like I’m here for a reason, for a purpose and no matter how hard it is to adapt to living here, I know I absolutely belong here. Whether it’s just for this school year or whether God leads me back after I graduate or further down the line, I’m here for a reason. And I love that feeling.

Seoul is absolutely a 2nd home for me now.
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tonight i saw

  • dynamic duo
  • bts
  • gsd
  • aoa
  • dick punks
  • iu
  • 4minute
  • mblaq
  • jay park

everyone else i’m forgetting is irrelevant 2 both mine and most ppl’s interest

anyway jay park is tiny as fuck, hyuna is BEAUTIFUL, sojin is one of the most stunning women i’ve ever seen in my life, SAN E IS GOING 2 MARRY ME AND WE’RE GONNA HAVE CUTE KIDS AND BE ON A TACKY VARIETY SHOW ABOUT THEM, mblaq surprised me, bts are ugly (except for v and i guess suga bc he had some sort of personality on stage), iu is adorable. choa (aoa) is something else irl.

that’s it i think ok bye

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Artist: T-ARA
Album: AND&END
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newmapss said: i feel like a proud mother, just get like four boyfriends and post about them constantly for me ok? <3

hahaha just for you i will <3

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this boy is pushing and pulling me like im a goddamn restaurant door at 6pm but he is so cute and i like him so i think it’s worth it. finding time to see each other is proving to be difficult tho :(

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update: I thought about it and reflected a bit and I decided I like the guy I guess so I do wanna see him again. he was actually really nice and tried to make me feel comfortable bc I’m sure I looked mega nervous. and he said some cute things and complimented me all the time

so yeah I guess he wasn’t all that bad. we still have like nothing in common but that’s ok